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Artists REC

Hotel REC counted on the creative participation of multiple artists to work in close collaboration with us, at once influencing and infusing the REC project with original pieces reflecting their own vision.

Bea Schulze

Photographer Bea Schulze undertook to document the entire two-year project management and development process. From the moment we first broke ground and discovered ancient archeological remains, throughout the entire design process, and even into the final stages of construction, she’s been by our side, capturing every step of the way. The resulting photographs visually relay the meticulous and arduous process of working on such a complex and protracted project, an endeavor now documented in hundreds of unique and impressive photographs.

Joan Tarragó

The tireless Joan Tarragó has created a super-sized 15-meter mural that greets guests on the ground floor, complemented by textural motifs installed on the façade’s front window. On each floor of the hotel, he’s furnished a neon door leading to imaginary rooms, and on the first floor he’s installed an 8-meter mural featuring a neon eye and an aquatically-inspired flow. He’s also left his inimitable mark on the ceiling of the Lounge on the hotel’s top floor, with a collection of water and mineral symbols in neon, and a flowing web of lines and waves that infuse the space with a unique and coherent sense of movement.

Marga López

Marga López’s meticulous and patient pen brings a sweet sensibility and a unique sense of place to a neighborhood map that boasts rich details and personality. She’s also customized the REC logo with her characteristic organic style, and created various illustrations that have been used to embellish our pillowcases, tote bags, and framed works that can be found throughout the hotel’s rooms.

Her work is a delight to behold.

Sergi Delgado

The innovative and prolific Sergi Delgado collaborated on the hotel’s visual communication technique, by developing four numerical typefaces which were used to label the hotel’s different room and floor numbers. For the rooms, he’s used “fluid” motifs with pop-art influences, while the floor numbers change the register a bit with elaborate geometric forms crafted out of wooden slats, which blend perfectly into the hallways’ interior design. Upstairs in the Lounge, he’s helped to beautifully sift natural sunlight with a composition illustrating the logo in thousands of little dots. Another 5 works can be found in the rooms themselves, showcasing typographic compositions and fun pop-art flourishes. Finally, although in reality it’s the first thing guests see, he’s created an animation displaying the hotel logo for the videowall at the hotel entrance.

Michael Roschach

We sought out Michael Roschach because we wanted something a little different for the hotel’s unmarked entrance. Since Roschach specializes in thinking and seeing differently, and is immensely skilled in concrete, we knew we were bound to get a totally unique and visually intriguing artwork. The fruit of this commission is a piece that reflects the spirit of the REC project in an evocative sculptural element that symbolizes the passing of time and pays homage to the 2,000+ year history that flows beneath our feet.

40 Plumas

40 Plumas is an artist studio specializing in glass works. They’ve brought their innovative design to the project by equipping the hotel bedrooms with glasses crafted from up-cycled bottles, each featuring engravings of the REC logo.


Miscelanea, the city’s premier illustration and design studio, oversaw the selection and installation of artworks throughout the hotel bedrooms, soliciting the contributions of various artists who specially created works in homage of our project’s philosophy.

The studio also took care of producing, printing, and framing the over 200 drawings and photographs exhibited on the hotel’s walls; designing and fabricating 4 different silk-screened tote bags; and printing a whimsical mini-guide to the hotel and neighborhood map, a gift to all our guests.