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Committed to Sustainability

Eco-friendly Philosophy

At Hotel REC Barcelona, we’re committed not just to the well-being of our guests and our visitors, but also to that of the planet as a whole. Each and every day, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment by embracing energy efficiency and offering services that conserve natural resources.

We’ve earned the Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle certification, showcasing our commitment to Biosphere Sustainable Tourism, supported by Barcelona Tourism, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Barcelona City Hall. We’re also part of the Xarxa Barcelona+Sustainable network of over 1,000 organizations committed to environmental, social, and economic sustainability that collectively work to enhance the city’s respect for its inhabitants and its environment. This commitment is aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, through the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism +20.

Hotel REC Barcelona has also earned the SAFE TRAVEL seal, the first global certification for safety and hygiene in the hospitality industry, awarded by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), guaranteeing the safety and security of all our guests.
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And to reduce our environmental impact and lower our energy consumption at Hotel REC Barcelona, we’re also taking the following measures: we save paper by relaying all communications to guests via the in-room Smart TV; we encourage our guests to use resources responsibly, reminding them to conserve water, and allowing them to opt-in for towel service; and to prevent food waste, we have 14 vending machines distributed throughout the hotel’s common areas. In all rooms, our climate control systems are programmed to turn off automatically when the room is vacant, or when the windows are opened.

Our building, a new construction that went up in 2018, has contributed to improving the surrounding neighborhood, opening the area with a new passage, and creating a new public plaza. Designed by the architectural firm Alfredo Arribas, it was built with state-of-the-art materials that prioritize not just fine technical characteristics, but also the production and sourcing of eco-friendly raw materials, always opting for the products and processes with the smallest environmental impact.

The result is a structure that was built with respect for the environment at every step of the way. On the outside, concrete slat façades reduce solar radiation, while state-of-the-art windows guarantee best-in-class performance when it comes to thermal and sound insulation. Outside, vertical gardens in the halls enhance the hotel’s unique design, and help to preserve the city’s urban biodiversity, with built-in nests where native species can continue to live peacefully. The hotel is also committed to sophisticated waste-collection processes. And finally, spaces like the REC Lounge showcase the environment front and center, offering up a “green” roof that’s home to native Mediterranean flora; an efficient automatic irrigation system takes care of all the hotel’s plant life; and these botanical elements in turn help to improve the building’s overall energy efficiency by retaining and reusing the heat that it generates.

 We also prioritize maximum energy efficiency in each of our rooms, earning “A” grades in both energy efficiency and CO2 emissions, thanks to efficient renewable energies such as aerothermal systems and photovoltaic panels; the use of a high-efficiency air treatment unit, which facilitates optimal ventilation by recouping heat and reusing cold air to cool common areas; and our energy-efficient LED lighting. All of this is managed centrally from the Building Management System (BMS), which allows for the sophisticated monitoring and adjustment of the energy and temperature needs on each and every floor of the hotel.

Hotel REC Barcelona, ever conscious of the history and culture of the Catalonian capital, also has on display some remains of the ancient Rec Comtal, the economic powerhouse of 19th century industrial Barcelona. And along the same lines, we collaborate with local artists who have used the hotel as their canvas, at once showcasing their creativity and promoting the culture of Km 0. Some examples of this include the bold gender-neutral street-wear uniforms designed by one of Barcelona’s most renowned designers, Joseph Abril, or the innovative recycled glasses by 40 Plumas.

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