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Passeig Martítim - Barcelona's Seafront

Just a few minutes from the hotel, abutting the southern end of the Ciutadella Park, you’ll find Barcelona’s lovely seaside promenade, the Passeig Marítim.

Its wide structure and magnificent sweeping sea views make this one of the best spots in the city to practice outdoor sports: runnersskaters, and bikers all delight in the open spaces and panoramic vistas at this end of the city.

The route we recommend starts off from the Aquarium, and takes you towards the Forum, over approximately 10 km of terrain (round-trip). The trip brings you mostly along asphalt paths dotted with water fountains and benches so you can stay hydrated along your journey.

The aroma of sea salt and the gentle ocean breeze (or wind, in winter; dress appropriately!) provides a stunning atmosphere that allows you to disconnect as you stay in shape.

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